RevelationWithDaniel Verse by Verse – 30 Videos on USB


30 videos on USB. Each 58 minutes and 30 seconds of solid Bible study in the book of Revelation.

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MesaMugTXWebBoxUpdate: Pastor Daniel Mesa has learned a lot since presenting the book of Revelation. In fact, the Revelation taught Mesa so much, he wishes to present this book again with new eyes!

With the prophecies of the Bible fulfilling at the time you are reading this, we must understand the messages contained in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Pastor Daniel Mesa goes verse by verse and chapter by chapter through the Revelation to explain the beautiful messages contained within its pages. Using the Bible, each concept, symbol, illustration, and reference is linked together in a beautiful web of truth that will amaze the Bible student and those which know very little or nothing about God’s Word. Purchase this high powered, college level, 30 part Bible study course through the end time book of Revelation to gain spiritual insight and wisdom to face the coming days foretold in prophecy. To God be the glory!

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