Revelation 4 thru 6 in Verse:

Long ago on a bright blue stone,
sat the King of glory upon His throne.

Rainbow colors were about His face.
Darkness or evil? Not even a trace.

His servants did sing with joy, love, and fullness,
He astounded creation with all of His goodness.

He looked for One who could open the book—
His voice roared like thunder! The universe shook!

Not ONE? Nowhere? So who could it be?
I’ve looked above and below, but none could I see!

I broke, I fell, I cried and I wept,
when a Lion—a Lamb! Exceptional! Adept!

He stood up in lowliness, beauty and power,
with strength in His eyes, from whom evil did cower.

He reached with a hand, torn with a hole,
and took from the throne the most marvelous scroll,

Sealed with gems, jewels and glittering gold!
The Law of love He’s meant to uphold!

So Angels bore witness of His incredible journey,
through education in strife to become our Attorney.

Then I stood right before Him, with eyes transfixed,
while He pronounced His pardon with mercy unmixed.

And still today, He opens those seals
midst praise and honor, and Ezekiel’s wheels.

So take a closer look—come and behold—
There’s a book of life too… in it be enrolled.

DanielRMesa3, 1-1-2014