My name is Stephen (Steve) Porter. I believe in the seventh day Sabbath and I believe that the second advent of Christ is coming soon.

God sends His holy angels to minister to me. I have always known that, it just didn’t register in my head. I just thought the holy angels protected me from the unholy angels and that was about it. That’s one of their jobs. But there is so much more!

It has been about a year now that on just another evening of bible study that my good friend and his wife said they had something new to show me. It had to do with the trinity.

I was raised a Lutheran in the hot-dish and potluck capitol of the world called Minnesota. I know the trinity exists, I’ve been told that since Sunday school. My mom was a Sunday school teacher. Who am I to doubt my mom?

Looking it up in the bible didn’t even cross my mind because smarter people than me were telling me that there was a trinity and who was I to doubt them?

I told my friend that he will have a fight on his hands. Nothing could change my mind on the trinity, because it was the truth. He then proceeded to show me, through the bible, and the Spirit of Prophecy, the Truth. It took an hour for my eyes to open up. All I had to do was take off the trinity sunglasses and have an open mind and allow the Spirit of Christ to help me see.
Praise God!

I was high on God again. A window opened up. Things made more sense. Praise God again! That was only phase one. As the salesmen on the TV always say “Wait, there’s more!”

Then along comes Daniel Mesa and his website RevelationWithDaniel.

My good friend had me watch the “Eyes of the Lord” video on YouTube.

During the video and after all I could say was “WOW!”

My relationship with the Father, and His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ just became more intense and closer than ever before. It was like a curtain that was muffling my prayers and my personal communication to the Lord
was lifted. His light shines brighter.

Learning from the bible and the Spirit of Prophecy about the angels made the Holy Spirit less of a mystery. It gave me easier access, through prayer to the Almighty and His Son.

I know now the Holy Spirit’s delivery system. There are ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of angels all busy with the work of the Father and His Son.

I am rejoicing in the Truth. I know now how the people of William Miller’s time felt when the book of Daniel was opened up to them. This epiphany now has me understanding how my mind must conform to Gods mind. How I now have more choices than I had before. I know now how gifts and blessings are given. This gives me a new way to approach the One True God and His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ. I sometimes look at my right shoulder and give thanks to God for the work of
His holy angels.

I thank Pastor Mesa for his study and the work he puts in to deliver God’s Word to us in a way that even a stubborn Minni-so-Ta ex Lutheran can understand.

I encourage everyone to see Pastor Mesa’s videos called ‘Angels in Michigan’ parts one and two.

If I was to be labeled like churches are, I would call myself a Foundational Seventh Day Adventist. The Founders of this church had it right. Man is messing it up.

I pray that this testimony will enlighten your day. Don’t take my word for it; don’t take Pastor Mesa’s word for it. Don’t take any humans word for it. Take it upon yourself to look, study, cross check and trust in the bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, after all it is your salvation we’re talking about. Are you going to put that into the hands of others? Put it in the hands of the
One True God and His only Begotten Son Jesus the Christ who is the Holy Spirit.

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31.

I want to thank you Pastor Mesa for posting this testimony. Thanks to all who might read it. Most of all I thank God. All Glory goes to Him.