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Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-2)

  • Adam, as the “Father of all” -Gen. 2:7, Psa. 90:1-2
  • Eve, begotten/brought forth -Gen. 2:21-22, Pro. 8:22-30, Dan. 2:45
  • Eve was from the man -Gen. 2:22, John 7:29, 8:42, 16:27-30, 17:8
  • Eve was made/formed of the same substance -Gen.2:22, Phi. 2:5-7
  • Eve was the glory of the man -1 Cor. 11:7, John 17:5
  • Adam declared Eve as equal, ‘bone/flesh’ -Gen. 2:23, John 5:18
  • Eve was a help (fit) meet for Adam -Gen.2:20, Zec. 6:13
  • Eve was “the only being” good for Adam -Gen. 2:20-24
  • Adam gave her a name -Gen. 2:23, Heb. 1:4-8
  • Adam, as most men are, was taller -John 14:28
  • Adam and Eve were “one” -Gen. 2:24, John 10:30
  • They were “little short of being identical” -Gen. 2:23

All of this “because of the angels” in 1 Corinthians 11:10. 

Joseph and Pharoah (Genesis 41:38-45)

Zaphnathpaaneah  H6847  צָפְנַת פַּעְנֵחַ



Zaphnathpaaneah (1x)  H6847 (1x)

[Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary]

6847. צָפְנַת פַּעְנֵחַ Tsophnath Paneach, tsof-nath´ pah-nay´-akh; of Egyptian derivation; Tsophnath-Paneach, Joseph’s Egyptian name:—Zaphnath-paaneah.

[Easton’s Bible Dictionary]

Zaphnath-paaneah: the name which Pharaoh gave to Joseph when he raised him to the rank of prime minister or grand vizier of the kingdom (Gen. 41:45). This is a pure Egyptian word, and has been variously explained. Some think it means “creator,” or “preserver of life.” Brugsch interprets it as “governor of the district of the place of life”, i.e., of Goshen, the chief city of which was Pithom, “the place of life.” Others explain it as meaning “a revealer of secrets,” or “the man to whom secrets are revealed.”

Sanctuary: Glory, high priest, priests (Exodus) 

Moses, Aaron, priests… (if Aaron, the high priest, represented the Christ, then who did Moses represent that anointed all the vessels of the ministry?)

The Father (the throne given to the Son), and angels (Isaiah 6:1-7)

Darius, Daniel, the two presidents, the 120, and all the others (Daniel 6:1-3)

Centurion also under authority (Luke 7:1-10)

Jesus and the only begotten son, Feeding of the 5,000 (John 6:5-11)

The Father, the Son, and the elect angels (1 Timothy 5:21)

The Father, the Son, the angel, the prophet (Revelation 1:1)

This is also seen in Daniel 7-8

What Satan is actively attacking (Revelation 13:6)

The Father, Lamb, and holy angels in the 3rd angels message (Revelation 14:10)

Some “fail of a satisfactory understanding of the great problem of evil, from the fact that tradition and misinterpretation have obscured the teaching of the Bible concerning the character of God, the nature of His government, and the principles of His dealing with sin.” GC 492.1