A woman stared at me while at an airport. I looked at her, nodded, smiled a bit, and turned away. She came up to me and asked, “Is your name Daniel Mesa?“ We talked for a good 30 minutes or so and I then shared some of the messages with her that I had just posted up on line (YouTube.com/RevelationWithDaniel). Following, is her response:

“I still want to tell you what God communicated to me for the first time in all my years of being a sda when I watched the angel video 1 the first time I was watching it.

God spoke to me in almost a divine revelation and it wasn’t anything new or terribly profound necessarily….but he did use your message at that moment to show me this…it’s difficult to put into words. But I’d like to tell you because I have rarely had an experience where I felt God used a message in which my mind was opening up to deeper light and truth and He showed me personally that all the things that have filled my mind so far…many fears, anxieties….feelings like…if only this was different in my life, so and so wasn’t making my life so difficult, so and so wasn’t trying to drag me away from God, being a bad example or many other frustrations… things that subconsciously I attributed to why I hadn’t attained this high and lofty walk with God..why I kept looking forward to a day in the future when God would finally arrange circumstances in my life where I would be surrounded by real spiritual Godly saints who would help me to develop into this grander deeper walk with God…

He stopped my mind as I was hearing you and told me in a matter of fact way, that I didn’t have to wait for that “day” when things would line up right for me….He communicated that I could experience Him in the fullest sense right here, right now, even with all the things I was frustrated with, even though things didn’t look just perfect as far as my circumstances…I could experience heaven now, since heaven is abiding in the presence of God and his Son. That I could by faith claim that now, not in some future have everything all perfect looking experience time( which will undoubtedly never even happen).

And I need not wait for a latter rain to claim the early rain if I wanted it. I sensed like never before in my entire life as an sda that God was holding before me a close experiential walk with him where He would be with me no matter what my life actually looked like…that I could have Him…now.

That moment as silly as it may sound as I write it, it was life changing. I didn’t need to look forward to a time when I felt I finally had it all together. When my spouse would be on the same page with me or desire God in the way I was, or when I could get away from people or influences that were making my walk with God difficult. He presented Himself to me as a very present Help in trouble…not future but now. Now when my life seems meaningless and empty…now while I feel helpless and without direction. Now while I have questioned everything about my whole religious experience and even wondering what the point is of even going to church or trying to witness because I don’t feel like I even have a church to bring anyone into.

I saw God step towards me and told me I can experience all the fullness of heaven now…it has changed me. I pray forever. It’s a sense of security I haven’t really had.

I’ve been one of those Adventist terrified of the T.O.T. and persecution. All the while not realizing that I could actually experience God…his love, his power and his tenderness towards me right here, right now…not later…. now.

I can only say that your message was used by God at that moment he heard the longing of my heart, things I didn’t even truly know how to express or even what I was lacking in my experience with God to fill me with a realization that offered me a complete package of what I needed…God with me… now.

I will say that I know God has been with me over the years…I have known of God’s love, his power and goodness in my life. But I always looked forward to some future point when I could really be close to God in some supernatural way I suppose…like early rain power and/or experience….some experience that would differ from my current one that seemed almost depressing. The disappointment in falling or not being what God wants from me. But I saw the barrier removed and it’s like He was standing there inviting me to enter into life with Him….(as he said in the gospels…as a hen gathereth her chicks under her wing) I saw him actually calling me into His safe haven of protection from evil. I didn’t want to wait till heaven to understand who Jesus was…and I felt He was telling me to come under his wings of protection and comfort in Him.

Thank you for sharing your messages and all the times you spent searching these things out to share with others, we aren’t getting any fresh coals from the altar of God from nominal churches. It’s encouraging to hear God is still speaking through his messengers today.”

Lisa N