I just got this note from a friend, a believer in the true God:

“I feel whole heartedly I will see Christ coming in the clouds. I used to be terrified of the Sunday Mark of the beast time of trouble stuff, but God has changed my heart so dramatically that I now pray He allows me to be…. And I have no fear attached because I feel very grounded in Christ. It’s really very amazing how God can change dramatically the desires of one’s heart. I really love God… It’s so much of a different faith when you actually know God and Christ, it’s just amazing how everything… I mean literally everything in my heart and mind has changed. 💜 I just feel like I can’t get enough of God. I am ready to be hated by the world, nailed to the cross if necessary, whatever it takes to be able to go home!”

Amen… 😎

May God find us all faithful.