Australian Bird Sounds

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Squaw Valley – Prophecy Series, “History Mystery”


Night 1: Daniel Chapter Two

Night 2: Second Coming

Night 3: Christ or Antichrist

Night 4: Antichrist Revealed

Night 5: The Sanctuary

Night 6: The Daily

Night 7: The 70 Weeks

Night 8: Daniel 3

Night 9: Hebrews Overview

Night 10: Genesis in the New Testament

Night 11: Genesis 1:1-26

Night 12: Genesis 1:26-2:7

Night 13: Spiritualism in the Old Testament

Night 14: Spiritualism in the New Testament

Night 15: Genesis 2:8-25

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Born a “Trick Baby”

I don’t know ANYTHING about this man except for what he says in this short testimony–and it’s powerful.

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Worshipping at Satan’s Throne

Oh, how Satan works to plant his throne between the human worship and the Divine Being, intercepting and appropriating the adoration God should have. The Lord is mighty. The Lord works, and who can hinder Him? The adversary of God and man is ever at work to unite every human agency with him to see faults in their brethren and to cherish the spirit of criticism, educate themselves as accusers of the Lord’s delegated servants, and to question and make of none effect the message that they bear. Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.” {Ms59-1895.16}


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A Dove of Burnished Gold

Burnished Gold (a brief SOP study)

Here are the terms used for the Holy Spirit:
  • Spirit of God
  • Light of His glory
  • Beams of glory
  • Glory of God
  • Spirit
  • Light of God’s glory
  • Holy Spirit
  • Bright glory of God
  • Holy Ghost
  • Bright Light
  • Heavenly Light


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Christ’s Sphere

“The whole world is Christ’s field of labor. A sphere narrower than this does not enter His thoughts” (The Signs of the Times, June 24, 1897).

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God the Father and the Son

so love the world that He gave His Son
John 3:16

gave of His Son
1John 5:10

sent His Son
1John 4:10

sent His only begotten Son
1John 4:9

testified of His Son
1John 5:9 (more…)

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Pathway of the Pioneers Audio Book

WELL worth the cost. I’ve heard this a number of times. =)

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What is the “Glorious Land” of Daniel 11:41


“Receive Greetings in Jesus’ name.I wish to know the identity of the glorious land in Daniel 11:41.Thanks.”


Hello Bob.

You’re asking a big question, but the Bible has answers.
In the Revelation there are two cities available for inhabiting. See the list on the first page of the notes I’ve presented on Revelation 17 here.
Also, Christ is the One man who makes up the nation of the 12 tribes of Israel at the end of time, just like Jacob was the one man who made up the nation of Israel during the establishment of the first kingdom with his sons–the 12 tribes. Listen to this presentation here.
So… after going through the above thoughts, what do you see as the “glorious land” and the “glorious holy mountain” of Daniel 11:41 and 45? One thing is for sure, it is not a literal place on this earth.

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